In the spring of 2016, we had a “f*ck it” moment.

We had been stuck in an unhappy place and decided it was time to really shake things up. That meant saying f*ck it, and making a big change.

For some time, we’d been inspired by the stories of other folks who took big leaps and carved out a life that fed their souls. We read about people who sold everything and moved into a tiny house or a sailboat or a trailer. We read about people who lived so frugally they retired at age 30 and then began to raise a family. We read about travellers who toured the world on tiny budgets.

We were enchanted by ideas.

After many years of restricted travel for business and health reasons, we found ourselves in a place where the only thing holding us back was ourselves. We wanted to travel and experience other parts of the world. And we wanted it now. So we dove in.

In order to create more space for travel, we needed to shrink our living space. This meant downsizing from a three story townhouse to a tiny condo and launching our travelling adventures. We created this blog to chronicle our experiences of smaller living and bigger travel. Who knows what will happen next!

What now?

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