We are a couple based in Victoria, BC, where we love spending time with our family and friends. When not hanging out with folks and enjoying great food, we can be found kayaking, skiing, hiking and cycling. Living in the heart of the city, we are connected to our community and support efforts to make it more people and bicycle friendly.

Serial entrepreneurs, we’ve seen ups and downs over our seventeen years together and decided it was time to look at things in a different way. We wanted to find a way to indulge our passion for exploring the globe, learning more about other cultures, and living life to its fullest. We have stepped way, way outside our comfort zone!

Our hunger for exploration and learning keeps us taking off on new adventures. At the same time, our expanding family of parents, grown children, spouses, and more folks connected by family ties and/or love, keeps us returning to home base.

That home base has changed dramatically as we embrace the concepts of minimalism and living with only what we need. No longer interested in the luxury cars, big houses and “stuff” of our former life, we are tinkering to get to the sweet spot of what home means.

We are happy to share our insights on all our journeys with you here. Enjoy!


Cox Bay Tofino Storm Watching

Cox Bay Tofino, BC – November 2016

Manuel Antonio

Manuel Antonio National Park, Costa Rica – December 2016

Lucca, Italy April 2017