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Goldilocks and the Costa Rican Surf Towns

We love the water. We love to be near it; walking by it, gazing lovingly at it and playing in it. We’ve been known to spend time underwater with snorkels, and on the surface in boats, kayaks, canoes, and paddleboards.

Although we had each tried surfing once, we are not surfers. Yet we are drawn to surf towns. There’s something about the vibe. As a general rule, the surf towns we’ve visited tend to be small with no major resorts. The vibe is super chilled and the coffee and craft beer terrific. Yoga and massage studios abound, and there’s great fresh food to be had. The focus is on unwinding and enjoying life’s simple pleasures. Breathing slows, and we become attuned to the rhythm of the surf. Continue reading

Stansted Airport: You’ll Pay Dearly for that Cheap Flight

Our first indication that we were in for a less than stellar experience came Stansted_airportwhen the agent at the bag drop told us we would not like flying Ryanair. Hmm, slightly ominous! As it turned out, Ryanair was fine. Stansted Airport on the other hand, not so much.

Stansted Airport employed the Las Vegas school of design, forcing you to run a rat’s maze mall, and wait in a shop-surrounded pen until the last possible moment before announcing your gate so you could finally dash to it, barely in time for boarding. Every element is designed to best separate you from all the euros/pounds you saved by booking that cheap flight. Continue reading