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The Small Experiment

I call it the 3 am brain. You know the one I mean. The little bugger that clicks on the moment you roll over one too many times and says “oh helloooo there! I’ve been waiting for you!” It gleefully prods you until you are wide awake, and then announces all the things that you simply must mull over at this very moment.

On this particular night, all the 3 am brain had to say was “what the fuck did we just do?”

Flash back a few months to when the seed for this harebrained idea was planted.

An innocuous seeming evening of red wine and Netflix started the whole thing. After watching a dreadful and not-to-be-named-here movie, one scene inspired us to start watching videos of surfing in French Polynesia, leading to a discussion of watching surfing LIVE in French Polynesia, which led to the conclusion that we should just take the next couple of years and travel our asses off. What we really wanted in our lives was more travel. A lot more travel. For a variety of reasons related to business commitments and health challenges, our travel over the last five years had been severely curtailed. Now that we could travel, we wanted to take full advantage of the opportunity.

That conversation paved the way for an experiment. Sometimes to make room for more, you need to begin with less. The brainstorming began and we landed on one idea. What if we reduced our living needs and freed up resources to travel? We had already embraced the idea of decluttering, living more minimally. We got attached to people, but not so much to stuff.

Listening to an interview with tiny home owner Tracy LaRose on CBC Radio, this quote resonated with me “I have a strong attachment to my home but I don’t have a strong attachment to things.”

We could do this. We could live minimally when at home, and free up resources (time, money, mental focus) to travel and learn more about the world.

Several months after that Neflix inspired conversation, we managed to arrange a variety of ducks into a tidy line, and met after work to view a teeny tiny condo that was for sale. We live in a part of the world that is experiencing a white hot real estate market. Said teeny tiny condo came on the market on Monday night, we saw it at 5 pm on Tuesday, and by 10 pm that evening we had a firm deal in hand. We owned it.

You may now understand what the 3 am brain was on about. Suddenly this wacky plan of downsizing and becoming semi-nomadic had a date stamp. We were on. And we had a lot of work to do.

But first, to convince 3 am brain to let it go and let me sleep. On that particular night, it was a rather gargantuan task.

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